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Whether you're looking to reward a job well done or encourage your team to work together, everyone will benefit from this engaging event. Below are a few ways that your team will directly benefit.

Our Mission

After several years of urban race participants inquiring about a team building program for their companies and organizations, it became clear that there was a need for us to meet. We did the research and invested the time and resources to develop an offering that focuses on teamwork, creates a sense of community, and stands out from typical company functions. We believe that a healthy work environment is important we are dedicated to putting on an event that participants are excited to be a part of.

We’ve developed a product that we are proud to offer on a corporate level, designed to engage your employees in a way that challenges them to think outside the box, collaborate with their co-workers, and get to know each other outside of the cubicle floor.

Leadership Team
Jason Hofsess

As founder of the CitySolve brand (Urban Race and Team Building), Jason Hofsess is the man with the master plan.  He has been and continues to be the driving force and creative mind behind the madness.

With a B.S. in Business Administration from Northeastern University, Jason’s range of career experience includes working with the Boston Red Sox, Arizona State University, and The Camp Fire Boys & Girls.   Prior to entrepreneurial endeavors, his event management experience spans a decade.  Combined with his naturally boisterous persona and a sincere desire to positively affect each person he connects with, his experience in this realm has inspired him to create the exciting and memorable experience that CitySolve has become.

Mitch Anderson
Director of Business Development

Mitch is an outstanding addition to the CitySolve Team. His love for people and urban environments is endless. His degree in Graphic Design from the Art Institute of Seattle, prepared him for various roles in the design and marketing industries, working with corporate clients and small businesses. He is a genuine Jack-all-trades and a champion of connecting customers, clients, sponsors and charitable partners in meaningful ways.

When not coordinating CitySolve Urban Race, Mitch is scouring local neiborhoods and music watering holes for lost funk & soul gems.

Advisory Board
Tara Greco

A marketing enthusiast of web start-ups, video games, toys, software, consumer products, video productions, cooking shows, and more, Tara Greco is a valuable talent to the CitySolve Advisory Board. Not only does she hold an MBA in Marketing from Temple University and a BA in Business from Skidmore College, Tara has extensive experience managing traditional and innovative advertising promotions and public relations campaigns for regional, national, and multi-national partners and clients.

She has successfully developed and executed campaigns to increase awareness, generate leads, and secure sales for each of her roles, including: Senior Executive Producer at Black Screen Studios; Senior Marketing roles at Eloquent Bastard Productions, FashionPlaytes,, and influential positions at several large retail chains. Her menagerie of experience also includes Senior Brand Manager at Atari; Product Manager at Crayola; and Marketing Manager at Mattel.

Jeff Zavatsky

A jack-of-all trades, Jeff Zavatsky brings a host of abilities and credentials to the CitySolve Advisory Board. A former practicing attorney, currently working as an executive in the hockey industry, Jeff has been able to parlay his legal and analytical skills, passion, and creativity into a burgeoning career in the fast-paced world of professional sports. Jeff received his J.D. from New York University School of Law, and a B.A. in Political Science from Emory University in Atlanta, GA, where he was Phi Beta Kappa.

A creative genius (second only to perhaps Mr. Hofsess), Jeff was the driving force behind CitySolve’s 2009 re-branding. In addition to his legal skills, Jeff has extensive experience in marketing, media relations, community relations, and event planning.In addition to his legal skills, Jeff has extensive experience in marketing, media relations, community relations, and event planning.In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, pub trivia, and all things sport.

David Mitroff, Ph.D.

David Mitroff, Ph.D. is a relationship manager, sales leader, and consultant with more than 15 years of diverse experience in the technology, business, legal, financial, retail, government, academic, and healthcare environments. Dr. Mitroff has had numerous consultative positions for diverse organizations such as LexisNexis, United Healthcare Group, Providian Financial Corporation, Nordstrom, and the YMCA.

To meet the growing needs of his consulting practice, David founded Piedmont Avenue Consulting, which specializes in using new technology to expand brand awareness, strengthen customer loyalty, streamline business processes and increase revenues. David has an extensive educational background, in addition to professional sales training, which includes a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with coursework in Business Administration, Legal Studies, and Marketing providing a foundation for excellent critical and analytical thinking, business strategy, relationship building, and networking.

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