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Whether you're looking to reward a job well done or encourage your team to work together, everyone will benefit from this engaging event. Below are a few of the direct benefits your team will experience.


Everyone knows the importance of employee satisfaction and team morale; happy employees equate to higher productivity and employee retention. Offer a fun and exciting event to show your team how valuable they are. Help them bond with their teammates to create an inviting workplace.

Mid Managers

Receiving honest feedback and having open communication isn’t always easy. Develop trust, discover your natural leaders, and encourage open dialogue within and across departments.Utilize this open forum to proactively affect the cohesiveness of your team.

Sales Teams

Sales people and competition go hand-in-hand; your sales team will go bananas for the chance to battle it out, outside the office. Reward a great quarterly performance or start your sales launch with a bang with a high-energy, unique game that levels the office playing field.

Human Resources

Cut down on complaints and lessen your workload with an event that revitalizes your workforce. You just sit back, relax, and watch it all happen. Your employees and managers will thank you for all your hard work and impressive planning , while the CitySolve staff runs this engaging event.

Event Planners

Offer a new and exciting option to your clients, that will set you apart from the pack. Creepy magicians and overdone cover bands will be a thing of the past at your conventions and conferences. This event will make networking a pleasure, instead of a chore!

Senior Management

Give a new meaning to ‘open-door policy,’ by joining in the fun. Show your employees that you can play too, with quality face time to boot. Give your remote offices a chance to not only meet and greet, but race for the win against other offices, departments, and even their senior team.

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“ CitySolve provided an amazing event. We will be back for sure. ”

Erika Gliebe | Clorox