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CitySolve’s classic problem solving team building game

Encourage communication and participation through this tried and true corporate scavenger hunt, based on our popular urban adventure race series. Teams of two to six people solve a series of clever clues that lead them to various points throughout the city. It's up to the team to devise their own strategy, work together to map out their route, and decide how much of their course they’ll navigate by foot and by public transit. They’ll snap photos at each checkpoint and challenge they reach as they dart around the city on their way to the finish line.

The clues they’ll answer can be a combination of topics – from pop culture and world history to sports trivia and creative picto-puzzles. In customizing your event, we can create specialty-themed clues, based on any number of things – corporate culture, a new product launch, an upcoming holiday, etc. Along with the team’s combined knowledge, they can use any means necessary to answer the clues, including any technology they so choose (i.e. iPhone, Android, etc.)

When their entire team crosses the finish line, our staff will check their photos, tally up their bonus points, and calculate their final times. At the end of the event, winning teams are announced and awarded prizes, the value of which you will be able to choose. After the awards ceremony, CitySolve will host a fun and creative slidshow so everyone can see the awesome and hilarious photos from the day.

Finally, a team building event that won’t make your staff groan and moan. Give your team a chance to participate in a fun and unique company event that gives, “work hard, play hard,” a new meaning.

20-500 people

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